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Role playing

Strategic Crisis Communications Plan

1 Introduction

Many authors have attempted to understand crises by first defining explaining the nature and anatomy , and stressing the complexity of crisis in to manage it (Ritchie , 669 . Some researchers believe that a crisis is a disruption that physically affects a system as a whole and threatens its basic assumptions , its subjective sense of self its existential core (Pauchant and Mitroff , 15 . Others define crisis as any action or failure to act that interferes with an organization 's ongoing functions , the acceptable attainment of its objectives

, its viability or survival , or that has a detrimental personal effect as perceived by the majority of its employees , clients or constituents (Faulkner ,

. 136 . Crises are difficult to manage because of its uncertain nature , time constraints , and limitations of organizations in dealing with it (Kash and Darling , 179 . At least , the availability of a strategic crisis communications plan would guide organizations in preparation , overcoming difficulties , and coping with the negative outcomes of crisis

This proposed strategic Crisis Communications Plan (CCP ) would be part of the South Carolina Emergency management Division (SCEMD ) in its effort to manage environmental crisis , particularly on disasters . A CCP should be effectively implemented in to protect the citizens of South Carolina and to prevent mass casualties from the immediate and long-term effects of chemical and natural hazards

2 Purpose and Objectives

In general , this Crisis Communications Plan aims to disseminate information through different kinds of media in to help the public prepare and cope with natural disasters . This plan also aims to (a inform the public regarding evacuation awareness (b ) list safety precautions for travelers (c ) give warning advice for those who stay behind , and (d ) list the different kinds of media for public information

3 List of Key Publics

The public and private organizations assigned by the SCEMD to implement the CCP for south Carolina includes both external and internal publics to communicate with before , during , and after the crisis . The enabling publics (people with the power and authority to make decisions , the functional publics (people who actually make the organization work , the normative publics (people who share values with the organization in crises , and the diffused publics (people linked indirectly to the organization in crisis ) are all important to attain the objectives of this plan (Fearn-Banks , 26 . However , the media , which belong to the diffused publics , is chosen as the primary means of communicating to the public to prepare , guide , and help them in times of crisis

4 Notifying Publics

The use of telecommunications technology , fax , news release , e-mail bulletin boards , advertisements , and meetings would be made available for the organizations implementing the CCP , the crisis control authority or the emergency communication center rules to contact media coordinators in to inform the public about appropriate and effective strategies when dealing with disasters

4 .1 Evacuation awareness

In times of disaster , the different media or communication modes will be used in addition to warning devices like sirens , warning lights...

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