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Role of color in graphic design

In modern era of technologic innovations and scientific findings computer advances take enormous steps in terms of their development moving forward to cater the most capricious needs of computer users Therefore , color theory and graphic design go hand in hand to enhance the experience of users while they surf the Internet , play computer games , etc

It is well known that color is closely associated with human psychology arousing various emotions and feelings . However , it would be appropriate here to go back in time and take a look at first investigations and

explorations of color

Color indicates visual perception of objects of surrounding environment that derives from interaction between light and human eye sensitivity It was Sir Isaac Newton who first showed that lights is represented by waves demonstrating it by means of a triangular prism . He proved that different colors emerge depending on different length of the wave and different angles it has . Once the light reached the eye it automatically influences the brain sending electrical impulses to hypothalamus responsible for human hormones and endocrine system (Swan 2003

Scientists from different parts of the world repeatedly come up with the proof that physical effect of colors is being observed in cases with both the blind and the sighted . During one of the last experiments conducted in Belgium 68 blind people were offered to investigate a board with different colors on it . As a result , 59 of them correctly identified the majority of colors using their fingers only

According to color theory there exist only 11 basic colors that have characteristic features and the same effect on human brain regardless of their intensity or shade . They have been successfully used in graphic design to stimulate consumers /viewers to experience various emotions depending on what type of web activity they perform : shopping , game playing , reading , working , etc (Stagery 2001 . Psychologists claim that there are 4 basic colors included in the spectrum from which the majority of the rest of shades and tones appear . They are

Red . It indicates braveness , power , activity , excitement , passion wildness , etc . In a negative sense it includes pressure , aggression disobedience , hostility , violent behavior , etc . Due to its visual properties it seems to be closer than it actually is and therefore it easily catches the eye . Red color has actual physical effect on human body as it activates the pulse creating the feeling that times flies fast . Simple red may be perceived as friendly and plain . Frequently , red is employed on sites that deal with dry facts or information to stimulate viewers /user /buyers to make certain steps and think faster

Yellow . This color is linked to emotions such as optimism self-confidence , extraversion , psychological stability , creativity , and open-mindness . Negative premises that it has may include alarm psychological fragility , nervousness , suicide , sadness , illogicality etc . From the psychological point of view yellow is the most stable and powerful color . Peaceful yellow that successfully goes with other colors of the palette provokes a need in self-growth and cheers up viewers bringing optimism...

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