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The Role of Government in Policy Making

Social problem is the basic foundation for public social programs . The existence of social problems expressed by the people is the reason why public social programs are made . As such , public social programs are etablished by any governmental level which may be the city , county state , or federal level . Technical legislative details vary in states and even cities what breaks in are more interesting and useful political processes . In the interaction with different players in the political arena , interest groups will play various roles and it will involve self-interests

In relation

to that , we will summarize legislative tasks with respect to policy-making process . The first task is for an interest group to define its issue clearly and achieve unanimity on what the problem is and what it wants by way of legislation . This is not an easy task and crucial because the general public and individual legislators need to know exactly what the interests groups wants if they are to give legislative and public support . Second task is to frame a position that organizes the arguments and summarizes what is known or unknown about the issue or problem , perhaps seeking experts for advice . The may not persuade but can help to get support from other groups Third task is to create solutions for the social problem of concern that is , a public policy , program design , or provision or benefit that will plausibly correct the problem . This is not also an easy task to do because actual legislative proposals vary according to simplicity or difficulty . The fourth task is to organize public support for the issue raised by them . Large-scale public support is essential in to motivate legislators to identify themselves with an issue and recruite others to support . The fifth legislative task is to convince a legislator to sign on the bill in the sense of turning the social problem analysis , prospective social program design features , and position s into a legislative proposal and especially introducing the same to sponsor it as a legislative bill . The sixth task is to organize appearances at the aforementioned committee hearings with regard to the bill . The purpose of the committee hearing is for the committee members to ask questions , receive answers , and debate the merits of the bill . This process will also enable us to gauge amount of public support for or against the bill . The seventh legislative task is to lobby legislators other than the one who introduced the bill , for their support when it is finally voted on by the whole legislative body Lobbying is most effective when it is coordinated , timed and clear in what it wants legislators to vote . The agenda is to show legislators why it is in their political interaction to vote in a particular way on legislation . And the last task is lobbying for money or appropriations to run the program that is contained in the legislation

The judicial branch restricts or expands the power of government administrators and officials so that they...

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