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Paper Topic:

Did Robert Latimer do the right thing? Consider Latimers action in the light of two theories(eg.,utilitarianism, virtues ethics). (you will have to do outside research to get the facts of the case befor you begin.)

But his action was to end her suffering , which is better by this view than an inaction of prolonging it , or an inaction of everything (including feeding her- which is passive euthanasia ) which would have led to greater suffering before death . He simply ended his daughter 's suffering

Objections from the Utilitarian View

Assuming that I am wrong about my argument from a utilitarian stand would only come from a refined utilitarian view that is not simply concerned with maximizing good , but also with honoring the sanctity of life . Only some

utilitarian who fundamentally supports that which spares or maintains the most lives (and minimizes deaths ) would see Robert Latimer 's actions in a negative light , as this view would hardly (or not at all ) recognize quality of life . But a true , basic utilitarian view should recognize quality of life , for not only life and death weigh in on maximizing pleasures and pains . A miserable life 's existence should negatively impact some hedonic calculus (a mechanism ' termed by Jeremy Bentham , which refers to some system of weighing pleasures and pains to determine what is best . So a true utilitarian view would not hold that Latimer 's ending a life of suffering was wrong , but rather that it was morally praiseworthy

Objections from the Deontological View

Anyone arguing that Latimer 's actions were morally blameworthy while maintaining a deontological view would also have to assume that his action intended to take a life , rather than save one . But that was not his intention . If that was his sole purpose in what he did to his daughter , Tracy , then his action was no different from murdering someone in cold blood , which also has the direct intention of killing . Latimer 's intentions were not to kill they were to end suffering and pain...

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