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Riots in hudson region

Yve Leyson


17 February , 2007

Most disasters are unpredictable , usually spreading across many boundaries and often leaving long term effects and damage to the environment and the populace . Man-made disasters occur when socio-political issues elevate into a wide instability resulting to spates of racial riots or terroristic activities (Kreps , 1989 Technological disaster in the meanwhile , involves industrial and individual mishaps that result to emergencies with devastating effects (Miller , 1985 . Accidents in chemical plants cause widespread illness and death while power plant outages summon forth several relative incidents that

leave man vulnerable to the wrath caused by the catastrophe

The Peekskill Riots of 1949 and the New York City blackout of 1977 are two manmade disasters that left a poignant black mark in Eastern US history . While the Peekskill riots was caused by a hostile reaction to the vocal stance against the Ku Klux Klan movement that cause physical injuries to innocent concertgoers inflicted by KKK activists and their supporters (Quarantelli , 1982 :454 , the 1977 NYC blackout caused rampant looting in city commercial areas was caused by a technological failure that left people amidst vulnerable outcomes . Both occurrences have a common factor over a similar timeline after a major war and occurring during the hot summer months . Under a post-war Vietnam setting , NYC blackout faced a substantial amount of financial crisis that exposed widespread looting and vandalism without any social classification . The Peekskill Riot at the same time happened when a strong support for racism clashed with civil rights movement . Post-war New York during the Peekskill Riot was on the verge of a long Cold War period with strong divided human sentiments

Technological disasters like the NYC in 1977 often bring in a chain of events that subjects man and property to the primal attitude of the embattled man over his kind . Such occurrence is similar in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (2005 , where the extent of damage opened up sudden chaos as psychologically embattled hurricane victims outrun each other for looted valuables exacerbating the damage cause by a natural disaster . Even manmade riots can set off a damaging chain of events that was likewise presented in the Baghdad looting following the fall of Saddam Hussein 's regime . An outburst of emotion is a common significant factor that ushered in a spontaneous reaction . Systematically , laying life and property to open scrutiny to the primal and criminality without protection similarly allowed people to make mistakes and commit crimes

Often riots that are caused by human conflict and political strife have laid bare a significant amount of property and lives to the criminal instinct . Under a socially relevant dimension , certain demographic populations where mixed cultures and long-standing conflict exists are generically exposed . Prior indicators have also serve as a warning for the common events such as calamitous events , blackouts and a mass gathering of individuals . The overall instance however comes up sudden and in a non-routine manner according to Miller (1985 . Economic instability and a financially-strapped society under a low-income population often...

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