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Reward System



Reward system is an instilled component of the personality of every man he is a tripartite being with a spirit living in a body , and a soul . It is important to incorporate this mechanism to improve the performance of staff within every organization . N an example is given to show the influence a competent reward system has on workers within an organization , while comparing that with other non functional methods


This is a `global age an age where the large world is

shirked into a small global village . Innovations are emerging daily . Alls spheres of human endeavor are advancing at millennial speed . In this age , there is intense search for talents and skills that can maintain such developments or excellence , and also even work on them to produce better . This has created keen competition in the labor market , and every company knows the value of its high-output workers , and would never want to loose them . It is this that has made performance and character based appraisal and reward system more important to the survival of any enterprise than ever before in the history of man . Every one wants the best

Leading organization in any known industry , and even new inclusions understand the place of recognizing and awarding ingenuity by company employees targeted at improving customer patronage or better service delivery . Great managers and leaders do acknowledge that humans can deliver beyond their present status if only they are encouraged by a credible means . A child who receives encouragement at home from his parents usually performs better that one that does not enjoy such privilege . It is an inherent need of man , that his potential can be better harnessed with tangibly significant appreciation

In the presence of a credible and fair reward system , employees have a basic encouragement to deliver their best to the Company , in their capacity . They can afford to stretch themselves with their elastic limit to meet efficient and customer-friendly service because there would be a reward for their labor . This leads to increased productivity for the Company This productivity is relative to the Company product

From Steven Kerrs ' article on reward , it is apparent that such systems cause behavioral dysfunction that has detrimental effects on the progress and productivity of the company on the long run . He asserts that a number of organizations just embark on programs for the sake of rewarding without considering the implication it may have on their staff especially those who are not inherently used to such , in training on this and a number of other facts , he concludes that reward systems have inherent disadvantages especially as if affects the general behavior of staff and their demeanor towards work , when they are not recognized


Coca cola : this is a company that encourages diversity employing the principle of competent reward system to reward efficient and proactive staff . The beauty of the system is that right behaviors are incorporated , including the steps...

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