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Revenue and budget of Proposal


Revenue and Budget of Proposal

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Revenue and Budget of Proposal

What part does technical writing skill play in acquiring grant funding

Apart from the need to follow the requirements toward the structure and the contents

of a grant proposal , grant proposal need to possess sufficient technical writing skills . In many instances , one 's ability to present grant proposal in clear and succinct language determines the success of one 's grant proposal attempts . Grant proposal

writing should be technical , organized , consistent , and well researched . All these features will determine whether funding organizations can grasp the essence of the grant proposal , and whether they are prepared to provide funding to organizations that seek investments . It should come as no surprise that the language of a grant proposal is critical (New Quick , 2003 . Whether organizations succeed to sell ' their projects will depend not only on the contents of their project proposals , but on the ways organizations craft these proposals . Active verbs , complete sentence structures , comprehensive language , the absence of colloquialisms and creative terms - all these are the essential components of high quality technical writing . To possess relevant technical writing skills does not mean to use sophisticated vocabulary on the contrary , the language which grantseekers use should be simple enough to be understood by funding organizations . Before funding organizations are able to understand and evaluate the meaning of grant project ideas , they should be prepared to read grant proposals...

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