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Revelation Critical Evaluation

Running Head : REVELATION

Critical Evaluation (Revelation





Liz Lochead 's poem entitled Revelation is a genre of fictional-reality where there are intentions of truthful facts and data towards the man named Bob on what he did to the yard . Revelation can be defined as a realization or sudden understanding . The narrator knew that Bob as a good and friendly person because of his innocent face and name , but is actually different from his actions in the yard , which was witnessed by the narrator . The narrator

intended to witness the actions of Bob in to justify the true personality of Bob , which was opposite to his physical characteristics . The poem relies on the uncovering event made by Bob whom to be the suspect ' of the yards terrible situation

In the first verse of the poem established the scenario and the ambiance of the environment . It speaks about the time and the characters . The setting of the poem is relevant to her past as she recalls her memory of childhood experience . She wanted to experiment thing and experience unusual occurrence in her environment . The whole poem is quite confusing due to its abundant symbolisms and imageries However , as the poem uncovers the characters and its actions , the essence of the poem emerged

The elements of egg , milk , and bull signify purity , innocence , and strength . The egg represents innocence milk represents purity , while bull represents strength . These symbols where contradicting as well as overlapping elements that encompasses the reality behind the curse of Bob

The second verse reveals the highlight of the poem where the narrator witnessed a different kind of situation right through her naked eye Irony between light and dark was also used to depict the narrator 's emotions . It also uncovers the protagonist 's unrevealed discretion towards worldly beings and issues . Her ignorance transformed into a complex thinking and apprehension , which made her uncomfortable . The manifestation of her transformation revealed in the last verse , where she choose to run away from what she saw in to escape from what she has seen

Another idea to this poem is that a child trying to hold on to her wholesome childhood peace and innocence when she becomes aware of the startling aspect of the adult world can be a form of evil sin , danger or sexual intervention . Because of the fact that the narrator wants to explore the outside world , she went through her journey of illumination and intensification . It can be said that it is an evil sin because she made an unlawful action that led her to a strange situation . Danger also implicates her actions because for the reason that she was not familiar with the situation and place , she still long for uncovering such event that is necessary ' to her character . Therefore , danger awaits her beyond her expectation of revelation . It is also implies sexual intervention between the narrator and Bob because as the narrator wants to explore things , it also indicates that her...

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