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Response about Martin Luther King Jr.`r speech, `I have a dream`

August 28 , 1963 the words I have a dream ' echoed on the walls of Lincoln Memorial and beyond it , and were heard my more than 250 ,000 people of diverse groups and ethnicity . This day was the moment when Dr Martin Luther King , Jr . made his famous speech that reverberated afterwards across the states of America and instilled into the consciousness of Americans the need for the exercise of equal rights for all , white and black Americans alike

What argument is he making ? What is his main point

Martin Luther King , Jr

. argued that despite the enactment of the Emancipation Proclamation , signed by no less than President Abraham Lincoln , the American negro is still not free from the clutches of slavery . They are still enslaved by their own countrymen on their own country and still victims of poverty , segregation and injustice

The point in his speech is to afford the Negro people their much deserved freedom and emancipation from racial injustice . The vehicle to bring out this reality is by capitalizing on non-violent resistance

Describe his style in his speech

Owing to Dr . King 's experience as a pastor in Alabama , his 'I have a dream ' speech was delivered in a beautiful oratory that , according to many , is regarded along with America 's finest speeches . His style of speech was made in a persuasive advocacy with gentle force , yet inspiring

The speech made in varying tones electrified the crown gathered on the grounds of Lincoln Memorial . It was enough to sway beliefs and emotions towards a collective ideal to fight against racial persecution , and move for equality between the black and white populace

Do you think he is using that style with a particular audience in mind Explain

The Negro individuals were not the only ones present during that rally They were joined by a white minority who believed in the creed that all men are created equal . By implication , King 's speech was directed to the whole populace of the American people so that they may hear the plight and cries of their Negro brothers who are persecuted , enslaved tortured , jailed without cause and beaten by the police . Martin Luther King , Jr . believed that all men are brothers and sisters under one God hence the phrases in his speech were found all men are created equal , the sons of former slaves and slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood , and one day a person will live in a nation where he /she is not judged by the color of his /her skin but by the content of his /her brain

He directed his speech not only to the black people but , in fact , to the whole world that someday his dream would be realized that all people will stand up for freedom together and will , eventually , be free

Is his style and argument effective ? Why or why not

Dr . King 's style and argument were very effective in the sense that it...

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