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Thought Response: The Saints and the Roughnecks






One of the greatest challenges a person face each day is the ability to face the whole world , the society which waits you out there from your shell . The opinion of the people around you , whether they were your close buddies , families or people you do not even know sometimes matters a lot because it forms you into another person , into a different being judged by the world out there . It is not the challenge which forms and effect with you as a person

but the words said , stares thrown at you the judgments and the image which causes impact , probably pain if not happiness . The society dictates what is to be done with all of the things happening in our lives , not all the time but most of the time which causes us , the people to be a different person through out the years

The art of Growing up

Growing up is one of the hardest adventure that each one of us must take . It asks for our pure understanding of life and our ability to make things right in each path we take . Growing up is the road into maturity and it is somehow the basis of our achievements and our failure . Dark and wonderful years in growing up may result to other events that will hone us into either a better person or someone who will enjoy breaking the rules and doing craps in life . There are things that make us who we are and all of these things are part of growing up

Part of growing up includes childhood and adolescence which will bring us into adulthood . Hence , these stages of our lives bring us some training into how we will be able to face life and the society which we are living in . not all the people around us will understand that we have our life because no matter what we do , in all the things we do , a chain reaction follows , a cause-and-effect events will tag along . Hence , in this life , in our lives , these reactions and trails will either lead us into something good or something that we will regret for a long time

The Saints and the Roughnecks

William J . Chambliss ' article which is about two groups of teenagers whom he studied through out their high school years and followed for two years talked more about the impression of the people around them and the kind of society we have . Aside from the views and the opinions of the greater public , the author also talked about the events in the lives of these teenagers which are quite contradicting from the ideal actions of the children of the same age . Two years of hanging ' with the two groups , the author was able to see how these students live their lives and how the people around them react regarding the things they do (Chambliss

Chambliss used the school set up to start with his study , probably a social development...

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