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Response to the Origin of the Mongols

Running Head : Response to Mongol governor

Response to Mongol governor (Your Name (Your School


Until 1990 the Mongolian government was based on the soviet system only the communist party was permitted to function . After some instability during the first two decades of communism rule in Mongolia , there was no significant unrest until December 1890 Introduction of agriculture and extension of fixed abodes were carried out without opposition

The birth of Perestroika and the democracy movement in Europe was reflected in Mongolia . The change toward reform started in early

1990 when the first organized group was formed . The first multiparty election was held in 1990 after the constitution was amended to allow legalization of opposition parties , establishment of the office of the president and creation of a standing legislative body


The people of Herat and Balkh rebelled against their Mongol rulers due to what they termed as the oppressive rule on them This led to death of Mongol governor . The Mongol response was to massacre the entire population . An Afghan anthropologist by the name Thomas noted in his article that , while conquered cities often rebelled after a conquest , this was less challenge to the illegitimacy of its government than a test of its staying power . Populations were rarely punished for such acts beyond the execution of ringleaders and confiscation of property In my view the Mongol government clearly did not understand the ritual nature of challenges and there wasn 't any democracy . The government was based on the soviet...

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