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A Response to Food Inc.

Other than making the production faster and more stable , technology and usage of chemicals have also resulted to the increase of the risks and health damages that people can experience . Even vegetables are not safe anymore . New species of bacteria had appeared and Americans have become more defenseless than ever . Food Inc . exposed how giant companies are more interested in making their business rich very fast without even giving sufficient consideration for the health of their consumers

What makes matters worse is how the government adds up to the problem The

film reveals that government regulatory agencies that should be monitoring the industry and ensuring the safety of the people are actually creating more ways to protect the profiting companies . Food Inc . highlights on the controversial law that prohibits the revealing of how food in being produced and the criticizing of food products . This law is one of the significant reasons why many Americans remain ignorant to the real situation and instead suffer the consequences of sickness diseases , obesity , and diabetes

Food Inc . is a powerful and haunting film that had proved to be informative and motivating for people to re-think their food intake More than just presenting the horrible realities of the industry , the documentary also presented possible solutions or small steps that each consumer could take in to make a change . If the government continues to aid the anomalous practices of these companies , then public awareness should be heightened by advocacy campaigns that demand healthier supply of food . This film is just one of the perfect examples of how to campaign against the terrible truths in the food industry . The film also disproved the notion that consumers cannot do anything against the powerful companies that abuse them . Experts highlight the consumers do have the capacity to change things...

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