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This dynamic world , that is moving from progress to greater progress , or better said beauty to higher beauty in an endless motion , has made life dynamic but confiscates humanity and morality from it . Prisons in the United States are maneuvered by the central government , over and above by each of the state governments . Imprisonment is one of the major forms of punishment for the charge of criminal acts or transgressions in

the United States

Less somber offenders , as well as those convicted of misconduct offenses , may be sentenced to a pro tem in a local jail or with optional forms of sanctions for instance community corrections like halfway house , probation , or restitution , etc . In recent years , there has been a great deal of discussion over the privatization of the U .S . prisons . The argument for privatization lays stresses cost reduction , while the arguments against it concentrates on standards of care , and the apprehension whether a market economy for prisons might not in addition result in a market demand for prisoners that is tougher sentencing for cheap labor . Despite the fact that privatized prisons have only a short history , there is a long custom of inmates in state and federal-run prisons undertaking active employment in prison for low pay . The prison industry in the United States has developed into a big business or better said a new form of slavery (Prawer , 221-3

Human rights associations , as well as political and social institutions are accusing what they have termed as a new form of malicious exploitation in the United States , where as estimated by them a prison population of about 2 million , mostly Black and Hispanic people are working for an assortment of industries for a meager amount . For the business persons who have put in investments in the prison industry , it has been almost like finding a pot of gold . They do not have to be bothered about strikes or paying insurances in cases of job losses vacations or comp time . All of their human resources are full-time workers , and on no account arrive late or are absent on account of any kind of family problems , what is more , if they do not like the diminutive pay of twenty five cents per hour and say no to work , they are consequently locked up in segregation cells

There are more or less 2 million prison inmates in state , federal and private prisons all over the country . In accordance with California Prison statistics it can be said that no other society in human history has imprisoned so many of its own citizens . The statistics illustrate that the United States has locked up more people than any other country From less than 300 ,000 inmates in 1972 , the jail population grew to 2 million by the year 2000 . In 1990 it was one million . Just before ten years there were merely five private prisons in the...

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