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Research methods



TV violence and its effect on children have been notoriously known and therefore , its consequences have been evident on children as well . Television violence and its effects on children in a negative manner have been well known . Therefore , it is essential for the television viewers to choose programs carefully and only exhibit only those programs that are deemed suitable for children . This research covers the effects of violence displayed on television on children and how such violent scenes exposure affects the behavior

of the children


Parents of young children have been facing this problem for quite some time now and it is known for its negative effects on children . Children become aggressive in behavior . Their behavior , in turn , marks the beginning of aggression that develops into a more serious behavior . Children are unwilling to listen and therefore become stubborn in their acts . TV violence has a tremendous impact on children and this is well-known based on thousands of facts and researches done by the researchers as well as professionals . Viewing television only makes children adopt new ways to exhibit their aggressiveness . This later develops into severe behavioral problems . If nothing is done about this , children will continue to view violent scenes and actions that are unsuitable for children viewing leading to behavioral problems as well as juvenile crimes . A shocking fact revealed by Dr . Jeanne Beckman in her article , Television Violence ' is stated below

Children watch an average of over 28 hours of television per week . By the time the average child reaches the age of twelve , he or she has witnessed over 8 ,000 murders . Those children most at risk are the ones who most prefer television violence : More aggressive children watch more violent television and actually prefer more violent television than their less aggressive peers (Beckman , 1996


Several researchers support the claim that violent scenes portrayed by the media pose behavioral problems for children . The degree of violent media exposure towards children does count . K . Riddle , K Eyal , C . Mahmood and WJ Potter in their article entitled , Judging the degree of violence in media portrayals : a cross-genre comparison states

This discrepancy between the public 's and scholars definitions of violence in the media is important to examine because it has significant implications for how useful these content analyses are for the public and for policymakers .The public 's lack of association of these elements with problematic outcomes such as antisocial behaviors may lead to increased effects due to decreased critical consumption of such violent televised content (Riddle , Eyal , Mahood Potter , 2006

In another journal article entitled , Models for aggressive behavior : the attributes of violent characters in popular videogames the authors discuss and draw particular attention towards aggressive behavior that resulted due to the violent characters in video games . As children continue to choose their leisure pastimes , videogames have become children 's favorite from 2-year olds to 18-year olds in the USA...

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