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Paper Topic:

Research Proposal

A Comparative Analysis of Performance for Public Schools and Private Schools in New South Wales , Australia

A Research Proposal


Professor 's Name



Background of the Study

The Ministerial Council for Education and Youth Affairs (MCEETYA stated out that the future of Australia depended on the enablement of each citizen to have the needed knowledge , skills , and values that would provide productive and rewarding lives . This was a vision was centered on high quality education (Vickers 2005 ,

. 264 . UNESCO figures described Australia to have

one of the highest ratios of enrolment in both primary and secondary education in the world , which was at a par with the United Kingdom (ASA Group , 2009 . The high rate of enrolment provides the country translates to the great potentials that the nation will have if the quality of education was monitored and sustained at a competitive level . The issue of the performance gap between public and private institutions of education in Australia is a major issue because of the role education is playing in the country

The concept of what a public school ' is differs from country to country (Caldwell Hayward 1998 ,

. 149 . For example , in the United States , it is strictly defined the schools that were publicly funded . It did not include schools that were operated by churches or privately charging independent schools . There is a different arrangement in Australia . The term public school is formerly reserved for exclusive private school . Recently , people started to refer to government and...

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