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Research & Presentation

Research and Presentation


Today 's most distinguished to be one of the famous companies is the General Electric or GE Company . In is undeniably that HR played a great role in the company 's success , as discussed by Craig Donaldson , Steve Bertamini and Sam Sheppard , the corporate giants . Incandescent lightning is the Company 's primary asset . Many technologies had been brought by the GE to its costumers for several years through the GE research laboratory . For more than 100 years , the cornerstone of the GE technology had been the GE

Global Research . Today , GE is one of the most diverse and largest industrial research labs in the face of the planet It is GE 's motto that "what we imagine , we can make happen

The GE Global Research Story

Charles Proteus Steinmetz was promoted as the chief consulting engineer ' of company . Steinmetz who was recently an industrial scientist proposed and states to the GE leadership a research laboratory , for he thinks and believes that their company has a vital need for this laboratory to maintain its edge and perimeter in lightning and in electricity

General Electric 's (GE 's ) includes business aircraft engines and power generation for the purpose of financial services and television programming as well as finding new more related areas to grow

Company as large as general electric company does not seem to fail and should continue investing new ideas for developing new fields

There should also research laboratory for commercial applications of new principles and even for the discovery of those principles . Proposition is hereby supported by Elihu Thompson the founder of General Electric Company . GE 's first CEO , Charles Coffin agreed upon the proposal of having of the research laboratory . Willis Whitney has been invited to become the first director of the company . He is a young chemistry professor and he had been conducting experiments for General Electric Company

Aligning HR with business strategy

One sure thing about Human Resources or HR decision making process is that Human Resources team has a great impact on the decision making of the company as a whole for they are being provided with great opportunities to play for the decision making process of the company

It is most necessary and most vital for Human Resource (HR ) to make and deal with it 's actions , events , and priorities make straight and support in terms of their business plan , and that HR initiatives are essential to be certain and positive , rather than on being an administrative function . This statement was well said by Sam Sheppered . Sheppered is the Vice President of Human Resources (HR ) for New Zealand and Australia

At the start of every New Year , the GE 's management as well as the HR teams begins in combining their efforts and hard work labor to study and review the outline , pattern and model of common goals and objectives for the HR functions to be apply on the proceeding year

The Management and the Team also discuses what the...

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