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Research Operations


The intensely competitive nature of the current business environment requires business organizations to go through a constant process of change (cited in Armstrong , 2005 . However this change has to be targeted towards the strategic focus of the company (cited in Zairi 2005 , Excellence Toolkit : Delivering Sustainable Performance . In this the field of change management has been particularly concerned with business process reengineering because business process reengineering provides the framework in which change can be managed most effectively (cited in Fred , 2006 . This is particularly true when it comes to the

integration of information technology into existing business processes Business process reengineering faces several problems when the use of information technology becomes an issue because of the possibility of strategic misalignment (cited in Baschab , 2005 . However if the strategic alignment process is handled correctly , information technology and information systems can be greatly beneficial to the process of business process reengineering

Difference between As mentioned before , the competitive nature of the current business environment demands that businesses change their organizational structures frequently in to adapt to changing market conditions Critical for business organizations in this respect is to develop a competitive edge and there are three tools that are most often used by the top management : differentiation , cost leadership and quick response (cited in Dess , 2007 . Business organizations differentiate their products and services in to develop a unique selling proposition redesign their work processes in to make them more cost effective...

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