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Paper Topic:

Research Method

The Influence of Parent-child Relationships on The Criminal Behavior Among Adolescents


Individuals have different characteristics as a person and these behaviors are affected by several factors . Such factors that affect one 's behavior include the influences brought by families , neighbors and the environment . If family relations , specifically with parents , could influence the behavior of a person , how could criminal behavior within adolescents be explained with this fact ? What could be the reasons why teenagers commit serious crimes and delinquencies

Giving comfort , love and guidance are some of the different

roles of parents in taking care of their children . However , if a child attempts to hurt someone or commits a crime , will it be their parents ' faults How do individuals weigh such instances ? Is their any way to reduce this kind of abnormal behavior in children ? Parents are certainly liable if their child commits a crime . Their children are their responsibilities so whatever happens , they are always accountable for any circumstances Their responsibility is to teach their children what is right or what is wrong . If this would be the case , are teenagers who commit crimes never taught of such things ? Do their parents lack the knowledge of parenting Or are their children the ones who are out of control

Children who are neglected or abused commit substantially more crimes later in life than others . - Roy Morsch /Corbis

This will study factors that could influence the abnormal social behaviors of teenagers , including crime . The will also examine...

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