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Paper Topic:

Research on Afghanistan

p Sports in Afghanistan

I have known Afghanistan as one of the most dangerous country to be in since the war broke up . I never had a lot of information about it until one day in our class , we discussed about Afghanistan . I know however , a little about their way of living , their religion , and their peace situation . When I read the book Kite Runner , I was so interested to learn more about their life , the struggles they face as well as the sports they play . Kite flying is a famous sport that

young children play in Afghanistan . It was elaborated clearly in the novel Kite Runner . The novel itself tells me that kite flying is one of the most unforgettable memories a young Afghan could have in his childhood . With this in mind it would be good to note why kite flying is such an important event in Afghanistan and why did it came to be very famous among the people especially for children . Kite flying is also common to children around the world but the intensity of that activity in Afghanistan is different from that in our own country and perhaps in other countries too . It would be the goal of this paper to further study the mechanics of kite-flying in Afghanistan as well as the cultural metaphor of this activity in relation to the novel Kite Runner

Like many countries in the world , Afghans also play many kinds of sports and compete in the Olympics . Sports like wrestling...

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