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Request E-Mail: choosing a holiday Plan

The company would like to give you the sincerest gratitude for staying with us and for working diligently for the past years . Your service and fidelity to the company serves as the key motivator to keep the business amidst all these tribulations that the whole world is facing economically . Without your trust and hard work , the business will not be where it is as of this time

As a sign of gratitude , the company has been , for years , established one holiday for all employees per year . As we all know , this additional

holiday , that we all call the uniform floating holiday ' is being exercised by all employees at the same day . All employees are asked to choose which date should be announced as the year 's official floating holiday . With this benefit , we have all seen the cooperation and camaraderie within the company

In lieu with this , the management has gone to extreme deliberation of whether to continue the said practice at this time of economic stability . With this uniform floating holiday , we both have pro 's and con 's , and one con 's of which is the downtime that our business have for such day . Hence we have thought of some other ways wherein the company and you , as employees , will both benefit from . The option that the management is looking at is , having the floating holiday practiced by all employees , but on varying day , meaning , no two or more employees will go on floating holiday on the same...

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