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Reproductive media

Running Head : Reproductive Media

Reproductive Media (Name (Institution (Name of Instructor (Course Subject


The definition and concept of art varies from one point of view to another . It can be explained using an objective approach which explains art in terms of its elements such as color , texture and space or using a subjective approach which explains art in terms of the content and meaning that it convey to the society

Even though art has a wide range of definition and concept , the different products of art or the artworks

are classified into more specific classes . These classes can either be the two dimensional type such as paintings , illustrations , and photographs or the three dimensional type such as sculptures , architectures or dances

Majority of these artworks are being imitated or reproduced by different artists that also want to create art . The question here is that are artworks that questions the idea of reproduction also questions the idea of art being something original in it

If certain artworks are reproduced by another means such as the combination of different artworks to produce a single one which is of better quality ,will that questions the idea of reproduction in artwork I would like to say that artworks in their selves are originally made by artists . If another image of that certain type of work is reproduced through another means , I can still consider that as an art

Also , if an artwork is just a combined images of other artworks and that makes it considered to be an artwork , will it question the idea of reproduction of another art ? This is a matter of issue for the case of photomontages , which I will discussed later in this

In that sense , I would like to say that the artwork that had been made was an artwork-inspired artwork . That means that artworks do not only exist just for the mere fact that artists want other people to appreciate their work and marvel at its wonders but also , they want their art to serve as an inspiration in making of another artworks Also , for photomontages , the act of combining photographs to make another photograph which is an artwork , will be justified by the means in which it is made

In line with this , I would like to make a proposal that deals with an artwork that questions the idea of reproduction , an example of which , is photomontage . In photomontage , different photographs are being combined and edited to make a single composite photo . The question of reproduction here is on the type of artwork that can be produced after doing a photomontage

I am suggesting that a photomontage image of fused reality and religion be combined in for us to make an image of the real world with our religious principles in it . In this type of photomontage , I am thinking of making a photograph that can be produced when I will edit and combine Da Vinci 's Mona Lisa to the painting...

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