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Reparation To Freed African American Slaves During 1860s

Reparation to Freed African American Slaves During 1860s

Although the struggles of the black Americans cause by slavery had been going centuries earlier prior to the 1860-1877 American civil war , it was in January 16 , 1865 that the case of black Americans was first given reparation in the form of lands awarded to the former slaves . The 1860-1877 was the period of American civil war and the years of emancipation and reconstruction . The late 1860s saw the starts of the American civil war that lasted until 1865 with the surrender of General

Robert E . Lee to General Ulysses S . Grant . History reveals that right after the civil war , the Southerners tried to rebuild their social and attempted to enslave at once the newly emancipated blacks , but the Northerners imposed a reconstruction policy limiting the powers of the ruling class over the emancipated slaves . The period of emancipation was the period wherein slaves were freed which began in 1863 with the Lincoln`s emancipation proclamation and was implemented after the defeat of the Confederate 's army . According to an article entitles A New Birth of Freedom published By America 's Reconstruction , the emancipation ensured that the Northern victory will create a social revolution in the South . The reconstruction government on the other hand was implemented by the Union in to restore , as the Southerners were insistent to reestablish the same social prior to war . The Reconstruction government was a caretaker government that ensures the freedom of the slaves and provides them with basic opportunity that improves their lives . But in 1877 , the Reconstruction government was replaced which gave back control of the region to the Southerners at once . The 1860-1877 was therefore the period of American civil war , the emancipation of slaves , and Reconstruction Government . The newly liberated slaves were given forty acres per family through the special field No . 15 which called for the setting aside of land along the Georgia and the coast of South Carolina . This land offer attracted 40 ,000 freed blacks in just a matter of six months unfortunately , the newly elected President Andrew Johnson canceled the plan , which led to the reclamation of the property by the former confederates ' owners (Blevins , M . F

It was quite clear that the main cause of the civil war was the issue of slavery as the Southerners were unwilling to give up slavery amidst the pressure and relentless attacks of the Northerners that the practice of slavery was inhumane and unacceptable . The period of 1860-1877 was also the period of secessions of the southern states , which marks the beginning of the American civil war during the late 1960 and the end of it in 1865 after which , the Union established a Reconstruction government that ensures freedom to all slave that had also provided them the opportunity to establish themselves . During this times the government created an agency called the Freedmen ' Bureau which assisted former slaves in their physical needs as well as their resettlement During...

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