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`Remembrance ' by Alexander Pushkin is an impassioned poetic lamentation or an elegy of the `I ' in the poem about having to be plagued by dreadful memories of particular events . The poem has an allusion to the capitalist labor atmosphere which was quite abusive during this time Pushkin , in the poem , presents the voice to be someone who is a hard laborer , as in the lines , When the loud day for men who sow and reap Grows still and on the silence of the town (1-2 ) In

these lines Pushkin alludes to the weariness of the voice and how manual labor causes the `I ' to find that rest and sleep is elusive , as in the lines Then for me in the stillness of the night / The wasting , watchful hours drag on their course (5-6 ) Other than just Pushkin 's reference to labor being a reason for the sleeplessness of the `voice he also takes other matters into consideration . In a particular metaphor to regret , Pushkin refers to the feeling of guilt in relation to wakefulness , hence the lines , And in the idle darkness comes the bite / Of all the burning serpents of remorse (7-8 , and again , in an allusion to the weariness of the body , Pushkin describes how manual labor bears down on the soul in the lines , Dreams seethe and fretful infelicities / Are swarming in my over-burdened soul (9-10

Finally , the poet reveals the main reason for the `voice 's ' wakefulness to be...

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