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Remember the Titians


Of Schemas and Stereotypes

Remember the Titans and its Portrayal of Social Cognition (Name (School

Of Schemas and Stereotypes

Remember the Titans and its Portrayal of Social Cognition

A story about a high school football team 's journey not only through an undefeated season but also through the breaking down of barriers between black and white people , Walt Disney Pictures ' Remember the Titans is a perfect picture of how people view themselves and those around them through what we now can call `schemas ' and `stereotypes

p Remember the Titans - produced by Jerry Bruckheimer , directed by Boaz Yakin , and released in 2000 - tells the story of the 1971 T .C . Williams High School (located in Alexandria , Virginia ) football team , the Titans The movie starts with a white football coach Bill Yoast leading an all-white football team . Because of a court-ed integration , Yoast later learns of losing his head coach position to Herman Boone , an African-American . At first refusing Boone 's offer to have him as assistant head coach , Yoast later accepts upon seeing how most of his players are willing to give up their spot in the football team if he is not around . The movie unfolds with depictions of how Boone and Yoast worked hard towards uniting the white and black members of their football team . Boone and Yoast may have succeeded uniting its team , but the town was still pretty much divided . Pictures of how the townspeople react to the combination of white and black players in one team were shown all throughout the film . But with the team 's winning streak , which leaves them undefeated for the whole season , the whole town came to realize that this is not about being black or white - they learn from the team that it is indeed time to accept the changes and embrace people from different races . The Titans became , for them , a symbol of unity and was instrumental in bringing the people of the town closer to each other , regardless of race

As have been mentioned the story of the Titans illustrates the way people formulate their concept of themselves and other people through schemas and stereotypes . Outlined under social cognition , the study of how people think and feel about their social world and how they interact and influence one another (Meyers , 2003 , schemas and stereotypes demonstrate how situations around us bear more influence on our behavior than we are wont to believe

Because of the vast information that we are being exposed to everyday we are in need of a system by which we collect and process data . As such , we are all built in with schema and schematic processing . Schemas are our organized beliefs and knowledge about people , objects , events and situations (Meyers , 2003 ) and schematic processing is the process by which we match a schema with the data that we are handed out . This process happens quickly and instantaneously . Meyers (2003 ) even writes that most of the time , we are unaware that...

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