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Religious Freedom: Real or Just an Ideal?


At the 1787 Constitutional Convention , the United States Constitution was drafted . During the same event , a bill of rights was proposed but was rejected without debate by delegates [Sean , 2006] . The Constitution was passed to the states for ratification but it became necessary after the drafting of the United States Constitution to include the Bill of rights in to clearly specify the enumerated rights of the citizens which government must earnestly protect . James Madison and others began work on the document and the Bill of rights which mitigates the abuse

of power by the government on the people was prepared [Sean , 2006] . The States adopted it and has since been in existence . The Bill of rights represents the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States it forms the fulcrum of balance between the liberty of the people and the exercise of authority by the government . It has had tremendous impact on the activities of government and the individuality of citizens since its ratification in 1791 [Sean , 2006]

Religious freedom has been guaranteed in the Bill of rights because each individual is allowed to practice any religion he chooses as a right and the government is prevented from formulating a national /state religion . It was necessary as this forms the basis for ensuring freedom for all as a creed for United States [Liberty , 2009] . The ideal has been difficult to maintain because some religious acts of the people can constitute threat to national security and...

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