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Religion & Conspiracy Theory

Running Head

Conspiracy in Religion and Government (Your Name (Your School (Your Instructor (Your Course Conspiracy in Religion and Government (Analysis in the movies The Da Vinci Code and Conspiracy Theory


There were two successful foreign movies which actually swept us off our feet . Being a box office hit , these two movies were a picture of successful entertainment which gives the viewers a clear of one main theme which is conspiracy . Released all over the world , these films were gigantic in terms of cast and story , perhaps , multi-billion dollars was

used to finance this project which turned to be victorious also . Despite of the fact that these movies were also considered fiction , there is an air of truth within the story line which made it more appealing to the general public

With the theme of conspiracy going all over the movies , a beautiful thrilling effect of twists and plots were the results . Amidst of all the brainy characteristic and the soft side of the movie , with the help of the theme , a fierce plot makes the film breath taking while the twist adds mystery on it . These are the films which get the attention of the viewers and despite of the fact that it is somehow controversial , people still dared to watch it

Conspiracy Defined

Merriam-Webster dictionary mentioned in their definition that conspiracy is an agreement between conspirators (2008 . On the other hand Encarta stated that conspiracy is an illegal act planned by conspirators (2007 . These were only two of the many definitions of conspiracy but with these two we are having an understanding of what it means and how does one develop such

Conspiracy involves conspirators who form an illegal plan towards something which might either put a certain person at stake . Most conspiracies can hurt people , damage lives and ruin a belief or a relationship . Although there were actually no such news about conspiracies happening all over the world , allegations were made which needs proofs to be a strong point of opinion or information . Most people who deal with conspiracies were those who have a bad plan and in law conspiracies are illegal acts that have an equal price to pay

In the movies as stated in the above paragraphs , conspiracy is the common theme which will allow us to compare and contrast their nature since both lands in two different subjects . Hence we now proceed in our main goal

The Two Movies

Two gigantic and block buster movies , The Da Vinci Code and Conspiracy Theory were two films involving conspiracy in their plot . Although both forms a different genre , they shared the same theme but with different slants and plots . While the former talks more about religion , the other talks about government which are two separate divisions in a country Also , both films have different location . While Conspiracy Theory was set in U .S , the Da Vinci code was set in Europe , to be specific , the Da Vinci Code was shot in England

Since there...

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