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Relationship between employee satisfaction & job performance

p Relationship between employee satisfaction and Job performance


Job satisfaction has long been a of considerable interest among researchers and practitioners . Weiss and Cropanzano regarded the correlation between job satisfaction and job performance as Holy Grail ' of organisational behaviour research (Weiss and Cropanzano 5-6 . During the 1930s , the Human Relations ideology claimed that employees ' job satisfaction and improved morale result in higher job performance . This statement has been largely reversed during the 1970s and from then on the debate around this goes not whilst numerous studies conducted for the

last thirty years failed to reveal the strong relationship between job satisfaction and job performance . This aims to argue that even if assumed that job satisfaction is not necessarily closely related to job performance , managers should be concerned about employees` personal fulfillment

The understanding of the factors affecting employee 's satisfaction or process that formulate them remains to be crucial for contemporary manager , regardless the results and numerical data provided by various studies on negative correlation between job satisfaction and worker 's performance . As William F . Roth argues in his debate with colleagues regarding the most useful aspect in organisation 's activity (the choice is between customers , suppliers and employees , if a company needs customers , suppliers , and distributors , employees go out and find them .The primary thing that companies must focus on if they want to excel is the satisfaction of employees ' needs so that these people want to do their jobs (Roth , 17 . Considering the fact that British and American workplace is considered one of the most complex and turbulent working environments in the world , Roth 's statement is justified . At work modern employees face many problems , including stress discrimination , intense competition , etc , however , the dilemma of job satisfaction represents the most prevalent challenge for both employers and personnel . Article in the 1995 issue of USA Today ' reflects that the most problematic aspects of American workplace are job dissatisfaction , which occurs when employees are working long hours aren 't being paid commensurate with their job performance , don 't have job security (USA Today , 1 ) It is evident that issue of job satisfaction has a whole array of problematic aspects . However , if these problems can be identified they surely can be addressed with different strategies that help employers to eliminate dissatisfaction triggers and develop healthy and highly motivating working environment

From the critical perspective , the term job satisfaction for modern employees no longer carries essential materialistic meaning . As Brain Dumaine notes that sole financial benefits cannot explain why people like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates .throw themselves into their jobs as if their next meal depended on it (Dumaine , 196 . Since Maslow 's hierarchy of needs has been discovered almost fifty years ago , employers understand that in literal terms money can no longer buy workers patience , loyalty and commitment , and Dumaine 's argument goes in accord stating that people .are looking to work to satisfy some deeply individualistic , emotional and psychological need (Dumaine , 196 Moreover , it is...

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