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Can This Relationship Be Saved? The Midwestern Medical Group Integration Journey

Running Head : Can This Relationship Be Saved ? The Midwestern Medical Group Integration Journey

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Semester , Year


Date : March 9 , 2009

Case Study : Problems arising from the Midwestern Medical Group 's Integration

Companies : Midwestern Health System and Midwest Medical group (MMG


The Health System Corporation and the Midwest health Plan linked in 1994 to form the Midwestern Health System (Midwestern . The Midwestern health system is a large health care provider which has three divisions namely delivery services , professional services and health plan . The Midwest

health system later formed the Midwestern Medical Group (MMG . MMG is responsible for the clinical practice within Midwest and has 50 Primary Care clinics

Integration of large corporations if not well planned can result in various problems between the organizations and that is why proper planning and research should be undertaken before engaging in such a business practice . The following case study looks at the integration and structural challenges faced by MMG and the Midwestern Health Center and how they have affected the development of the company

How did the realized strategy differ from the intended strategy in the MMG integration journey

MMG faced many challenges during its formation and that is why it formulated a strategy that would enable it to run its operations smoothly . That is why it came up with the following strategies or initiatives

MMG wanted to create a large integrated group medical practice from the formerly small independent physician clinics . It wanted to change the roles of the physicians...

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