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The Relationship between Psychology and Religion

Running Head : The Relationship between Psychology and Religion

The Relationship between Psychology and Religion


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Man has always been in continuous search for the real meaning of his life which is neither satisfied by material wealth nor extensive knowledge . In such a case , the role of psychology and religion becomes relevant for both fields deal much closer with human nature specifically with the mind and spirit . However , because of the natural dominance of both fields especially with religion , many groups have found more difficulty in integrating

the concepts of these two without touching delicate matters of either one

The objective of this writing is to narrow down as much as possible the very broad concepts of psychology and religion with the end goal of allowing the reader to discover the benefits of both when integrated or balanced . Several historical events are also included especially those related to the experiences of well known people who have made important contributions in psychology . Their struggles will help the reader understand of the natural tendencies of humankind when faced with struggles and confusions brought by personal challenges as well as help the reader to be able to think for himself regarding the conflicts of psychology and religion

Table of Contents

Psychology and Religion Defined 4

Psychological Views of Religion 5

Developmental Events 6

Spirituality in Everyday Life 7

Carl Jung 10

Spiritual and Religious Necessities in Psychotherapy 11

Programs for Religion and Psychology 12

Psychology and Religion Defined

One of the definitions of psychology as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary is that it is the study of mind and behavior in relation to a particular field of knowledge or activity . Religion , on the other hand is defined as the service and worship of God or the supernatural (Merriam-Webster Online . Their definitions may be simple yet the impact that they create in one 's personal life is no doubt great and has been affecting the way society has evolved during the past years . It is also without a doubt that conflicts have existed between the said s which often lead to criticisms of either field due to confusion as to how one has to apply the concepts of psychology and religion in everyday living

During the more conservative times , it is a given fact that many strongly religious people tended to reject the views of psychology because of the latter 's compelling points of arguments that would sometimes attack , go against , or minimize the significance of the views or concepts of religion . One example where religion was taken for granted was with the coming forth of psychotherapy , which is the treatment of mental or emotional dis or of related bodily ills by psychological means . The idea that one can be capable of healing one 's sickness through mind skills is a matter sensitive enough for religious groups whose belief or faith that only God is capable of such powerful healing . The people 's doubt or suspicion with psychology remained with the passing...

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