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Relationship between China and Taiwan

Running Head : Hostility between China and Taiwan

Hostility between China and Taiwan

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Hostility between China and Taiwan


The People 's Republic of China has emerged as a major economic and military power in the world . Some analysts say that China could soon reach the level of the United States or even surpass it . The Republic of China also known as Taiwan has emerged as a major democracy with an impressive standard of living and high tech economy . Both countries have not enjoyed

good relations since the end of the Chinese Civil War . The dispute continues over the legal status of Taiwan . The Chinese communists continue to insist that Taiwan is a part of the mainland They have stuck to the policy of one China . Taiwan on the other hand has advocates of independence which also oppose Chinese sovereignty . The PRC has claimed Taiwan to be a renegade province , as very few countries have diplomatic ties with Taiwan . Tensions between both countries could escalate into a military conflict in which the United States would be obliged to defend Taiwan . This studies the history of the hostility between Taiwan and China . It places the hypotheses that the reasons for the continued hostility are the deep ideological differences which date back to the start of the Chinese civil war . Both the Chinese Communist Party and Nationalist Party had very different plans and views to shape the future of China . Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai Shek had different political ideologies and views about nation building

Mao Zedong and his political philosophy

The roots of political friction between Taiwan and China can be traced to the political views of Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai Shek . Mao remains a controversial figure despite more than three decades after his death Mainland China glorifies Mao as a great revolutionary leader who defeated the Nationalists and transformed the nation into a major power using his policies . However many of his social engineering programs are considered a failure because they caused extensive damage to culture society , economy and foreign relations of China

Mao believed that revolution was the only way that China could be unified and become a great power . He was inspired by the Russian revolution . He concluded that the Nationalists could not transform China into a major power because of their weak economic and political power One major divergence from Soviet communism was that Mao believed that revolution in China could emerge only because of the peasants . He rejected the theory that industrial workers would be at the vanguard of the revolution . The Chinese peasantry was the main supporters of the Chinese Communist Party . Mao initially organized his armies into guerilla forces together with political commissars responsible for the education of the peasants . Mao believed in communism as the only system which could lead China to the status of a great power . Under communism the government would have control of the resources and production facilities . Each of these facilities would...

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