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Relationship Analysis

We human being are social creatures . We love to inter act with other people just so we can talk to them and be acquainted with them . It is physically impossible for us to stay detach for other people . We also need to feel that we belong to a certain circle of friends as a teenager and I high school . Hey I can was young once and I also felt these things . But looking back I had an outstanding relationship I have that would be very good at this point , so let me start p

The first relationship that I want to talk about is a relationship I have with one of a family member . She is my father 's younger sister and a neurosurgeon at that . She is the youngest one in my father 's family so as many would think since she is the youngest she is spoiled . Yeah that fact is true , she was a spoiled brat , because according to my grandmother she was a sickly baby . But this didn 't bother me at all because I was her favorite . She and I always were close . Now come to think of it , if I had to choose which of the communication theories apply to our relationship , it will be the Uses and Gratifications Theory , I know that this mainly use for the media and that it is hard to fathom that a family member can make use of another family member but it happens on some occasion . As for me , since I was a first grandchild I too was very spoiled to the point of becoming a brat . My grandmother would describe me as intelligent but foolish and with a good conscience But I have this temper which is extremities . See when I like you I remain very nice to you and loyal , but once you have already betrayed me you have just raised your own personal hell . I don 't forgive very easily

How did I come to this conclusion ? It was when she got married to the husband to whom she was divorced now . Let 's take a look at it now , it was 8 years last May 19 of this year when my problems with her first started . I think it was a before that my grandmother had found out that she was pregnant with a guy five year younger than her . For some reason my grandmother really didn 't approve of the guy and kicked her out of the house . So My aunt went to live in with the guy , and I visited her once in a while to bring her some food that my grandmother cooked for her . Sometimes I would even stay over night at her place , especially when my parents and I have an argument

As I spent more time with her in the man 's house I began to understand why my grandmother hated the guy . Yes , he was an ophthalmologist , but he was a lazy bum . When he would get...

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