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Shirley Bongbong

Cambiohan-CCF , Lower Casili

Consolacion 6001 , Cebu


Urgent Appeal for Dismissal Reconsideration

DATE \ "MMMM d , yyyy " July 4 , 2007

The University




This letter is meant to express my sincere apologies for not being able to meet the preset academic standards of the University . I was clearly devastated and sort of running low level of confidence right now when I learned of the news for dismissal . I understand dismissal directives to demonstrate school policies and standards designed to help

maintain and improve a student academically even at a minimal academic progress

I firmly believe that it is for my best interest to stay on campus and focus on my studies here . I can demonstrate specific reasons affecting my grades

a . I last studied in this University on 2003 . I enrolled again on 2006 My long three-year break from the context of a busy student life had apparently slowed a little my perception and brain functions because of the three year inactivity which I hope to knock on your hearts to understand

b . I must admit adjustment problems seen regarding demands of the program in a student 's unique perspective to really embrace the learning process of this program along with the context and pressures that goes with the progress

The excitement of getting back to school is often mixed with questions more on apprehensions about what to expect and what opportunities the University and this course of study presents in my future . My situation clearly calls for flexibility from a once inactive life to an abrupt fast paced University world . I am requesting for another probation period as your systemic action in response to my need and strong desire to continue my studies . The will to survive the system filled with visions to become a successful alumnus of this University is more than enough motivation to cope with present difficulties which can be handled quite easily given the inner determination I have to succeed . I am asking you to see me in the light of a pleading child who happens to believe that my future is here with you in this University and is standing now awaiting for your decision and reconsideration for that future . hear my plea


Shirley Bongbong

Student of Program

TIME \ "MMMM d , yyyy " July 4 , 2007

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