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The Reform Era of Policing (regarding foot patrol v. automotive patrol)

The Reform Era of Policing (Foot Patrol vs . Automotive Patrol


Police patrolling is very important in a certain community whether using an automobile patrol or simply by just foot patrolling . But of course there are advantages and disadvantages between these two in terms of keeping in the community , responding in the crime or accident scenes , apprehending some criminals or violators

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using an automobile car when patrolling than just by simply just foot patrolling or not using an automobile car and vice versa ? What

is better to use in keeping in community , responding in crime or accident scenes , or apprehending criminals or violators

Police Foot Patrolling vs . Police Automobile Patrolling

Policemen patrolling without using automobiles of any kinds have many advantages . First policemen who are foot patrolling are the economical and cost-effective type of police patrolling because it does not need an automobile to their jobs and of course gasoline in for the car to function . Policemen not using vehicles are more acquainted at the people living in a certain community . They can talk to the people face to face people trust them and have open communication with them with regards to the problems in the community Compare to policemen patrolling using their vehicles they do not talk frequently to the people in the community because they will just arrive if somebody calls for help because there is a crime happening . They can easily notice or see if there is a crime or problems that are happening and they can easily respond to the situation . Unlike for policemen using automobiles just only waiting if there such crime that is happening . People feel safer when they can see policemen patrolling in their areas because some criminals will not attempt to do violations or crimes if they can see policemen just walking within the neighborhood unlike for policemen who are only visible when the crime is already happening like in chasing criminals or violators . Policemen who are foot patrolling can chase criminals even in the crowded people , people who are in a hurry for their works or just simply walking across the streets . Policemen patrolling using vehicles cannot because they cannot pass by in a place crowded with people because if they do they might run over some of the people that could eventually injure or kill them foot patrolling can chase criminals who ran in fields or in places filled with trees like forests unlike policemen who are vehicle patrolling cannot because their automobiles cannot go to places like that . Foot patrolling policemen can chase criminals who jump over fences , hedges or barriers unlike vehicle patrolling cannot because they are using cars and cars cannot jump over fences or hedges . ADDIN EN .CITE Tyler20012 212Tyler NormPublic Safety in Downtowns2007March 272001http /www .emich .edu /public /geo /557book /d378 .police .htm (Tyler , 2001 ) But of course there are also disadvantages in foot patrolling . Foot patrolling policemen are slower to response in problems such...

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