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Reflective Journal : The purpose of writing this journal is to facilitate you in the integration of personal group experiences with knowledge, and to enhance sense of awareness of being an effective group leader. You are required to analyze and discuss o

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Reflective Journal

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Reflective Journal

: Importance of Assessing Communication Processes within the Group and Methods of Assessment /Observation

Main Theme

In my experience as a member of an organization , I have been exposed to the various steps and factors involved to the process of communication From my superiors to my peers and subordinates , there is constant communication of information , data and directives that are meant to be followed and utilized for the betterment of the organization . Upon learning key

theories on organizational communication , I am better able to appreciate the theories because they now have a solid background and experience

Being part of the communication process in an organization , and experiencing the process in various levels , specifically as part of the staff and management , I realized the importance of continuous improvement of organizational communication systems

Organizational communication involves a transactional process that depends on other organizational variables and demographics for its success . Moreover , communication is believed to be characterized by reciprocal causality (Penley Hawkins , 1985 . Indeed , experiencing actual communication with other group members leads one to visualize and accept the theory that communication is a reciprocal and transactional process . An effective communication would require me , for example , to both listen and speak well at the same time . The same requirements would apply to the other person conversing with me

My organization realizes how important communication is to the group Hence , it always conducts evaluation and review of the organizational communication system . Since there are many aspects of communication involved in an organizational system , measuring organizational communication is not an easy task . Nevertheless , many researchers offered suggestions on the factors that could be subject of measurement such as content of communication and the communication behavior of members of the organization (Penley Hawkins , 1985

Effective communication in organizations is generally accepted in literature as a key factor in achieving organizational effectiveness Good organizations have formulated their specific communication policies in to ensure effective communication among its members (Greenbaum 1974

Organizational communication is an important component of the basic coordinative operations of management . Commonly , organizational departments employ informative communication systems like bulletin boards , safety posters , house publications , and suggestion systems to facilitate the communication of information within the organization (Greenbaum , 1974 . In my organization , specifically , we have bulletin boards where important announcements are posted for all concerned to see

Literature on organizational studies and actual experience would show that organizational communication could take various forms , such as written media , hardware , and speech activities . Examples of written media include house publications , correspondence , and bulletin board information . Examples of hardware are computer units , recording and dictation equipment , and telephone systems . Finally , examples of speech activities in an organization are conferring , directing and interviewing . Aside from these forms of organizational communication members also communicate through verbal and non-verbal stimuli , such as facial expressions , gestures , and conversations . All of the above media are available in my organization , and all of them make communication with each staff member easy (Greenbaum , 1974

Organizational communication is a system with a specific purpose structure , and operational procedures . For an organization , effective communication could help it achieve its organizational goals . Under operational procedures , an organization is required to utilize communication networks that are related to organizational goals and adopt appropriate policies that are designed to achieve the objectives of the organization . Finally , the organizational unit , the communication policies , the communication activities , and the communication networks form the structural elements of organizational communication (Greenbaum 1974

It is important for an organization to regularly evaluate its organizational communication systems in to ensure that the effectiveness of the communication process is maintained or even developed (Greenbaum , 1974 . While the management of my current organization does conduct regular evaluation of our communication system , there are no clear guidelines for such evaluation . Hence , there is a need to have direction and instruction as to the proper conduct of evaluation of a communication system

Article Review : Greenbaum , H . H (1974 . The Audit of Organizational Communication . The Academy of Management Journal 17 (4 , 739-754

The article of Greenbaum focuses on organizational communication and the examination of its effectiveness . Such effectiveness could be examined by a consideration of the overall system before the individual activities . This article suggests that the evaluation of an overall communication system be conducted in several stages . The first stage is fact finding (Greenbaum , 1974

The fact finding stage involves a patient and conscientious approach of determining the major factors affecting the communication behavior within the organization . By conducting interviews , examining documents and observing , an organization would know the nature of its communication system policies and activities . The organizational climate , leadership style , and organizational structure would be necessary information that could help in this stage . Moreover , the organization 's history and objectives could help out in context the organization 's communication system (Greenbaum , 1974

Stage two involves the analysis of the communication policies and activities of the organization and the measurement of the level of achievement of an organization in terms of their network achievement . In this stage , data collected from the previous stage is used as a background . In addition various observation techniques , analysis of content , interviews , and surveys are used to analyze the success of organizational communication (Greenbaum , 1974

The third stage involves evaluation and reporting , whereby tentative conclusions regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the communication system could be arrived at . At this stage , observations and data gathered from the second stage is reviewed in to draw conclusions as to the efficiency of the overall communication system (Greenbaum 1974

Following the above steps could allow an organization to review the communication system of an organization . Such review would lead to effective communication control that is focused on the maintenance and development of the system (Greenbaum , 1974

Reflection on Article and Personal Experience

This article is a very detailed and insightful one on organizational communication . It gives very detailed steps and instructions on how to best evaluate the current communication system of an organization , with the goal of maintaining its efficacy . It also comprehensively notes all possible measures that could be used in such an evaluation . Moreover , it describes how various members of the organization could utilize the different methods made available by the organization in to further the organization 's goals

I agree with the article in all points , particularly in its emphasis on the importance of having a regular evaluation of the organization 's communication systems in to maintain its top shape and performance . I also agree that various measures could be used to achieve a clear grasp of the effectiveness of the communication process

In my organization , I believe that there is a need to continuously evaluate the effectiveness of our communication process . Applying the various stages enumerated by Greenbaum , it could be seen that the organization employs various means of communication , such as posters and bulletin boards . Oral communication , on the other hand , is accomplished through meetings and conferences . However , I feel that the sufficiency and effectiveness of a communication process could not be accurately measured by knowing whether the appropriate means or equipment is made available in the organization . An effective communication process needs more than that . In accordance with the article , it appears that a good communication process involve proper policies and activities that are designed to work towards the organization 's goals . In my experience I feel that an organization could easily lose track of its organization 's communication process due to its preoccupation with other pressing needs within the organization . Nevertheless , the article leads us to the realization that an organization should never forget to assess its communication process to ensure that all members maintain their sights on the organization 's goals


Greenbaum , H . H (1974 . The Audit of Organizational Communication . The Academy

of Management Journal 17 (4 , 739-754

Penley , L . E Hawkins , B (1985 . Studying Interpersonal Communication in Organizations : A Leadership Application . The Academy of Management Journal 28 (2 , 309-326


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