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Reflective Journal: Final Submission

Death : A Reflective Journal

Death : A Personal Notion

Death will come to us all . It is one those things that is certain in life . Some philosophers even argue that we start to die the moment we are born . But death remains unknown save the concept that it is the end of life . Because it is the end of life , no one can ever know exactly what it is that is why people naturally react to it with fear (Ewin R , 2002 ) However , because death is a preordained event that will happen to

all , people muse or try to find meaning out of it in the perspective of life . Under these premises , death is what makes life short , important , dynamic and precious . Contrast is an important epistemological approach to human understanding because it allows us to grasp ideas and concepts tautologically . In as much as darkness is the absence of light , death is the absence of life . Death therefore is what ultimately helps people find meaning , purpose and value life

As a Muslim , I believe that death is our passageway to Allah . Death allows the soul of a person to part from its corporeal body including its different worldly needs and desires so that the soul can transcend to the spiritual world of Allah . Death therefore is an important event among Muslims because it is the path towards our creator , which is the destiny of man . Death therefore is instrumental in the fulfillment of our destiny

However , in as much as we value life because it is also tantamount to the loss of a loved one , it is a natural reaction for people to fear death . Death is viewed as losing someone we love . Thus , death and grief are said to be twins . They always come together . After death grief may seem to be the only thing left to us . Hence , we must learn how to deal with death and grief jointly as well

Perspectives of Death

Among any other field of human knowledge or wisdom , spirituality and religion provides the most amiable and satisfying explanation of death Most religions i .e . in the world Christianity , Islam , Judaism , and Buddhism agree that death is the gateway towards God (Sheppy and Sheppy , 2004 ) Life is a journey of challenges and death is the culmination of one 's existence which means going back and being one with one 's creator . Thus , in as much as we can live with no regret , people can die without regret

Hinduism . Hinduism adheres to rebirth and reincarnation . Death is a transition to a new life (Ghosh , S . 1990 ) It is only a momentary termination of one 's physical aspect in to transform the physical matter and energy that compose a person to another form . The jiva or the soul reincarnates to a new life form depending on the past deeds of the person who died . A bad person will be punished by reincarnating to the lower forms of life , the purpose of which is for the...

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