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Reflective Essay - Group work


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Reflective Essay - Group Work

Proper communication is an integral part of everyone 's daily lives . It is through communication that people have the opportunity to express themselves how they feel and what their thoughts are . Without good communication , people will most likely misunderstand each other and create conflicts . It is therefore important that people acquire good communication skills in to establish positive relationships with others

One of the most common activities inside the classrooms is presentations , which are usually done in

groups . From a functional perspective , we join groups because groups are able to accomplish things that individuals cannot accomplish when they work alone (Stewart , Manz Sims , 1999 , pp .5-6 . This is entirely different from that of an individual presentation wherein the person works alone for the project and does not have to deal with others just to come up with a good presentation . Group presentations require brainstorming discussion , and constant communication among the group members . This is not very difficult if the members share the same insights on the at hand or have known each other for a long time and do not have any problems sharing and speaking out during discussions . However , the same cannot be said when it comes to groups who have no similar interests and have just come to know each other when the group was formed

I happened to be a part of the group where the members did not really know each other that well...

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