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Reflection and policy analysis

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Child Abuse-Reflection and Social Policy Analysis


Child abuse , has for a long time been recorded in literature , art and science in many parts of the world . Reports of infanticide , mutilation abandonment and other forms of violence against children date back to ancient civilizations . The historical record is also d with reports of unkempt , weak and malnourished children cast out by families to fend for them . Moreover , there have been records of sexually abused children in both sexes . Any global

approach to child abuse must take into account the differing standards and expectations for parenting behavior in the range of cultures around the world . Different cultures have varying rules about what are acceptable parenting practices . Some researchers have suggested that views on child rearing across cultures might diverge to such an extent that agreement on what practices are abusive or neglectful may be extremely difficult to reach . However , the cultural perspective of abuse is more essential in concept that the parental ideologies . Despite of the different cultural and racial originations it appears that there is general agreement across many cultures that child abuse should not be allowed and virtual unanimity in this respect where very harsh disciplinary practices and sexual abuse concerned (Krug 2002 59 . The international scheme of child abuse inhibition is the universal social policy that protects these minorities

The role that government plays in the protection of children from abuse and neglect has received increased attention over the last several years in the United States . In the early 1990s , the U .S Advisory board on Child Abuse and Neglect has issued series of reports detailing the status of the child protection system in the United States . The findings and recommendations of these reports are of great interest , since several countries around the world have patterned their child protection systems on the American one , thus demonstrating that the issues faced in United States have wide applicability (Helfer and Kempe 1997 627

In the course of our study , the intrinsic character of child abuse in the light of social policy shall be covered . Considering the facts and supporting data , the study shall discuss the concept of child abuse that is currently occurring by the depiction of child abuse rates particularly in the United States and other Asian countries . Proving the existence of such governing social policy , the study shall provide various organizations implementing necessary rules and regulation that provides protection for these children . Lastly , the study shall include the analytic frameworks , specifically Neoliberalism , Globalization Post- Modernism or Late Capitalism , that will serve as the fundamental guidelines for the discussion

Child Abuse : The Social Policy

Child maltreatment has loomed as a serious social problem for centuries . Public recognition of the matter however , is fairly recent Concerns regarding children 's health and welfare have continued to be at the forefront of social policy , professional practice , and public interest in the United States and throughout the world (Horton and Cruise 2001 1


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