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Reflection on Global Operation Management

Srika Prathipati

4 October 2007

Reflection on Global Operation Management

Pietra Rivoli who is an associate professor in the Georgetown University , specializes in finance and social issues , and is the author of the book , `The Travels of a T-shirt in the Global Economy . The main reason which instigated Rivoli to write this book , was a speech a student had given at the Georgetown University , the student was severely criticizing globalization , and asking about who made the T-shirts they were wearing . She told some facts about child labor in India and

Vietnam , which made everybody , sit up and think , including Rivoli

Rivoli then starts on a journey to find out some interesting facts about the origin of the T-shirt . Her case study starts in Texas at the home of Nelson Reinch , who produces enough cotton for more than 1 .3 million T-shirts . Reinch and his colleagues control the whole world market of cotton , through hard work , determination , modern technology and much needed discounts from the government . Reinch was no where in comparison to the poor farmers in India and Africa , who did not have proper funds or government support in marketing their goods

Rivoli 's next stop was China , were she met a young woman Yuang Zhi , who spun the yarn for the fabric and sewed the shirt . This young lady worked for 50 hours a week , and earned nearly 150 per month . This woman 's working conditions were far better than the conditions in which women had to work previously in Manchester and England . This was probably the woman 's first encounter with independence and identity , which came in the form a paycheck , even though it was a small amount

The most important point which was very surprising was that , throughout the world there must be millions of people who manufacture cotton , but the manufacturers from Texas were industry , because of their shrewd manner by which they manage to avoid competition . These manufacturers manage to control the market by avoiding the labor market , which make the other manufacturers unable to compete with them due to no government and political assistance , lack of proper education and money . People who support globalization vow by the free trade of clothes , as it can be used to the advantage of the poorer countries

Rivoli was surprised to find that how recycled clothes from the USA were a rage in Tanzania . Used clothes from America get imported in huge quantities to Tanzania . Tanzania is a small country which was slowly proceeding towards a more liberal capitalist system from the socialist model . People are able to freely take part in the daily auctions of the clothes at the market place , and merchants are also making a mark for themselves in the cutthroat markets as consumers or retailers . Rivoli feels that free trade should be encouraged without any government or political interference in the markets

According to the author , United States is on the top of the market whereas Africa is at the bottom she feels that...

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