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Reflection on Dr. Kings `I Have a Dream` speech

I Dream that Someday : A Reflection on Dr . King 's Speech

Every person has dreams and visions for the future not just dreams that we have on our sleep but dreams that we struggle to realize . We put so much effort that someday these dreams will come true and we will enjoy its results . However , many of these dreams are personal and for the benefit of oneself or the immediate family or friends the dream of Dr Martin Luther King Jr , a Baptist minister and leader of a Black movement in America , was

different - his dream transcends the well-being of all people of the country and that it may become an example for the struggle for equal rights among whites and people of color throughout the world . King 's resounding voice , I have a dream ' convicted everyone who was listening to him from the Lincoln Memorial in 1963 . It was a historic event that marked the reformation of the civil rights in the USA

The Bad Check

King compared the Declaration of Independence to be sort of a bad check for the Negro but he believed that the bank of justice is not bankrupt Indeed , there are a lot of allusions in the speech yet they were powerful statements that impact the individuals listening . He believed that as they have walked to the capital of the country , they have come to claim the riches of freedom from discrimination and equality for their rights

King 's symbolism of a bad check...

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