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Reflection on Advocacy Placement

Advocacy on Empowering Disabled People

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In the lives of different people , challenges often arise due to different aspects in life . Some find difficulties in getting works or are living in poverty . Some people are having emotional problems while others have difficulties with their families . All these challenges are only normal for people . However , there are individuals that their lives are forever tainted by their physical capabilities

Disabled is a word which is utilized by many people to call people

who have physical disabilities . Most of the disabled individuals have difficulties in walking , talking , listening , understanding and seeing Thus , these kinds of disabilities hinder these individuals to have a normal life in which they could have work and a lifestyle of normal people . However , there are organizations which create different advocacies that help these communities in making their lives normal

I had been working in an organization named Wicklow Supported Employment Network (WSEN ) which is a network that is helping individuals with different disabilities to attain their desired jobs and provide for their own family 's needs . In the organization , I am tasked to do different duties , such as complete a research project with regards to Leonardo Da Vinci Programme , have a shadow coach work , visit different factory supervising clients with support needs , informing different clients of their rights and entitlements such as social welfare grants services available , promotion of service , participating in meetings with clients and potential employees and evaluation of...

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