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Recruiting Police Officers


Recruiting Police Officers (Your Name (Your School


Police recruitment and retention has been a subject of concern in the police . Due to the nature of the job , there have been several requirements in the recruitment and selection process in to ensure that there is equity and representation for all communities and races The nature of the job is also very trying and having a well catered for and motivated workforce may not be an option for any police chief . In to ensure that there is

a well coordinated recruitment and a high retention rate for the police officers , there are important guidelines which have bee provided by a number of publications to assist in the process . This will review the police recruitment and retention as published in Police Chiefs Desk Reference . It will also compare this with other publication on the same issue of recruitment and training (Kristen , 2006

A summary of the article

The article asserts that successful recruitment and retention of the high qualified employees remains one of the biggest challenges that are facing the police force today . The police force is given the mandate of ensuring that there is community safety and this important role can be compromise where there is low staff turnover and vacancy . Therefore it is imperative for the recruitment process in the police force to be the most effective one in to ensure that the police force retains the most qualified persons who are important assets for the police force

Small police forces which are faced by a daunting task of attracting the same individuals , who are being targeted by the larger police unit , must show that they are good models of community policing and therefore they should ensure quality in their work . In the recruitment process there should be an enhanced process of agency assessment which will determine the agency recruitment and the retention goals that it has set . There should also be a community assessment which will help in determining how the community can support the agency in achieving these goals and there should also be community partnership . Community partnerships will describe how the set goals are to be enhanced through ensuring that there is community partnership (Beth and Warner , 2007

In to ensure that there is retention , there should be efforts directed towards building a working environment . In this case there has to be efforts which will ensure there is an environment which provide growth and satisfaction for the all the employees working in the police force

In carrying out an agency assessment the most important factor should be the determination of the strengths and weakness for the agency in hiring . This should also involve look at the response from the staff who are working currently in the departments . There should be focused group discussion with eth staff which will give the departments hiring priorities . In community assessment the agency should be seeking to determine show the community perceives...

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