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Reality vs Fantasy

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Realism versus Fantasy

Whenever we mention the word reality and fantasy , the things that come into our minds are the realistic world and the imaginative world . The fictional world of humans is an example of reality , including those things that are perceivable by the sensory functions . On the other hand the concept of fantasy depicts the unseen world created by human minds Perfect examples to illustrate fantasy are myths , legends , folklores and sometimes , even theology , which is considered part of the

imaginative society . The two realms of reality and fantasy have become the center of disputes and general confrontations , so to say these contradicting concepts have influenced vast and tremendous cycle throughout history The depiction of these words lies in a broad perspective and lesser objectivity yet covers almost all events , cultures , superstitions science and subjects enacted by human force . From the early stages of BC up to the present , realism and fantasy has already become evident in every societal and community practice . Accursed quarrels and conflicts have aroused just because of the battle involving these two opposing concepts . Moreover , from the external carapace of these terms up to the innermost viscera lies the start of realism on the hand , realism sometimes starts fantasy However , one thing is for sure , the concepts of existing and non-existing worlds can never collide at the same time

In this , we shall tackle about the philosophical , historical and lingual approach of the terms realism and fantasy . We shall look upon this study as an issue or controversy and not a proposed term of subject . As for the words and its definition , we shall elaborate and relate these concepts to formed theories supported by references and actual causations . The broad scope of realism and fantasy shall be reduced in the form of questions that will be answered all throughout of the research

What is the definition of the words realism and fantasy ? What are the opposing factors involved in these terms

How do these concepts affect important concepts in the history such as philosophy , events and theology ? Cite situations appropriate to these concepts

Define the opposition of ideas in realism and fantasy . How does it affect the cultures , traditions , modernization and community

Since the ideas of realism and fantasy are in complete opposition , we shall utilize these questions to provide specific scope of coverage and points of emphasis

Defining Realism Fantasy

The concept between realism and fantasy has greatly evolved from nomads to urbanized civilization . There theories to explain the implications of such terms , which also includes the contradictory and exact irony present in their contents


The word realism connotes the implication of what is perceived by sensory given that human comprehension can still relate and prove the stimuli 's existence . The term is very broad in application however the general meaning of Realism according to the book of Cobley (2001 entitled , The Routledge Companion to Semiotics and Linguistics

The Platonic doctrine that universals...

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