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The Reagan Diaries

Running Head : The Regan

The Regan Diaries

p The Regan Diaries

The fact that the 40th President of USA , Ronald Regan , found time to regularly diarize his day to day activities shows the grit determination and discipline of the man . He had to face some of the toughest social , cultural and political issues , during his tenure of eight years as President of America . Heads of State , anti-abortion leaders , his meeting with South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu , his approach to the burning issues of the time , the apartheid , his typical approach

to the Press , with whose role he was never comfortable and yet met them with the balanced mental attitude , at the same time labeling them as lynch mob , and his handling of the major political events - all these made him one of the finest Presidents of USA . Being a versatile Hollywood actor before he occupied the White House , he judged his visitors well , as to who is acting and who is performing . As an individual , he was an affectionate family man and loved Nancy as a very good husband would do . These are some of the reasons why I choose this leader and I greatly appreciate his qualities of head and heart

The dairy recorded by Regan is the only daily Presidential dairy available in the American history . He was not crazy for any ideology as such and would not oppose an issue for the sake of opposition . He had the principled approach it was important for him whether it was right or wrong . He was least bothered about taking stands , whether it was left-oriented polity or right . He acted according to what was in the interest of his Nation , America ! He had been the great unifying force in a country , when divisive forces were asserting their strong presence . He was a practicing Christian , deeply religious and had implicit belief in God . He took care of his staff at the same time maintained the essential dignity of the post that he was occupying in the White House

Regan 's leadership qualities were evident as for the political conditions that his policies created for Mikhail Gorbachev to end the cold war . His handling of the Iran hostage crisis , and the fortitude he exhibited in John Hinckley Jr 's assassination attempt showed the qualities of his head and heart . One of the historic achievements of Regan was his reaching dytente with the Soviet Union and his tough posture with the Soviet negotiators . He handled the double-edged sword against Gorbachev well in his talks and showed how tough and amiable he could be . His foreign policy with the Soviets was part of the great history of America . The dairy becomes an invaluable asset for the historians and its records give no scope for any controversies . The dairy has the personal touch , his affection and devotion for Nancy Reagan is showing . Regan is a God-fearing individual who believes in the profound meaning and spiritual strength of prayers . His tough stance against Fidel Castro prevented Red-influence...

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