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Reaction Essay on One Nation Slightly Divisable

One Nation Slightly Divisible : A Reaction Essay

Brooks and the Two Americas

There is a thing called Red America - the small towns and the people living in it - and the Blue America , where most folks from the cities and urban areas stay . The differences between the lifestyles of these two kinds of America are so vast . But Blue America lifestyle is better known than that of Red America . The difference between Red America and Blue America can be best understood in terms of lifestyles . The Red American lifestyle is simple , rugged and

it is usually spent in farms rural areas and small towns . But Blue America means individualism busyness and modern . Red America is also the America still steeped in church life and belief

These distinctions between Red America and Blue America seems to b on stereotyping but David Brooks (587 ) managed to present evidences - anecdotal and statistical - to back his claims about these differences From fashion statements of working men in Red and Blue Americas , from the food people eat , and the jobs they do . He also outlines a number of issues in which the citizens of Red and Blue Americas are divergent Issues on homosexuality and views about other races as well as church attendance and views about hunting and McDonald 's

Interestingly , Brooks asks a number of piercing questions about the unity of the United States . A lot of changes are happening in the country , but it seems that these happenings , especially those relating to diversity and...

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