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Rave Parties

Rave Parties

Rave parties or raves , as their name implies , are truly noisy dance parties with the potential to disturb entire communities . Featuring fast-paced , repetitive electronic music and accompanying light shows ' these parties have been all the rage since the 1980s (Scott 2002 . At first they hit Chicago and New York with the introduction of rave music in these cities . Soon after , they spread across the United States as a subculture in their own right . Rave parties have also been quite popular among young people of the United Kingdom and Australia ( Rave

. Now that the culture of raves is spreading in other parts of the world as well , all communities where raves are held are concerned about the dangers that these parties pose for them . The use of illegal drugs is one of the greatest dangers posed by raves . S . C . Leung writes on the problem of drugs at raves in Hong Kong

Rave parties have in recent years gained increasing popularity amongst youngsters in Hong

Kong . Whilst organizers have to overcome such difficulties as fire precaution , crowd control

first aid facilities , maintenance of air quality within the venue and prevention of criminal

activities , capable of attracting crowds from 1 ,000 to 6 ,000 people organizing rave parties has

become a lucrative business . Recently consumption of controlled substances in rave parties

has attracted community and media concerns . `Party drug ' is a vague term representing a

wide variety of drugs used by young adults at raves , most of which being controlled drugs

They are usually in the form of small tablets , capsules or powder and thus can be easily

concealed and smuggled into party venues . Locally , Ecstasy , `Ice and Ketamine are the most

popular party drugs . Since 1993 when it was first encountered , the number of Ecstasy tablets


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examined by the Government Laboratory rocketed from 28 to last year 's figure of 378 ,370

On the other hand , the yearly examined amount of Ketamine rose from less than 1 g in 1996-

98 to over 9 .7 kg in 2000 ! At the same time , new species of party drugs emerge these include

`Fing ' which contains LSD and `Give Me Five ' which is believed to be Nimetazepam

Also according to Leung , of the drugs used at raves are benign Moreover , the manufacturers of these drugs do not consider quality control to be a priority . All that the rave-goers want is drugs to be present at each of their noisy parties . They neither know the source of the drugs , nor anything about the active ingredients in the drugs . The chemicals used in the manufacture of the drugs are also unknown Besides , the contaminants that are possibly present in them make it hard to determine how toxic the drugs really are . The symptoms and the consequences of the drugs also cannot be expected . In short , writes Leung , party drugs are perilous , not only because of the possibility of overdose but also because of their psychological , stimulating or hallucinogenic effects...

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