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Date Rape (Persuasive Essay)

Date Rape Date rape is a crime that is difficult to define , assess , and prevent Society did not acknowledge date rape as a problem until the early 1980 's . Today , a large number of women and a small number of men experience this type of traumatic event

Date rape usually happens between two people who are dating or at least know each other . It does not have to occur during a date in to be classified as such . People who have been together before can commit or fall victim to date rape

if one of them doesn 't want to be intimate at the time . Even marital rape is considered to be a type of date rape

Because of low report rates , it is hard to establish how big the problem actually is . This makes it difficult to reach out to victims who might need the help of a mental health professional (Russo , page 1 According to available research , one in three women will be raped in their life . Only seven to ten percent of rape victims are men (Nemours Foundation ) Half of all victims who are raped know their attacker

Alcohol and drugs such as gamma hydroxybutrate (GHB ) are often involved in a date rape , also known as acquaintance rape . GHB is a serious drug that can cause a person to black out for hours or even kill them . Common side effects are blurred vision , lack of memory , and a paralyzed feeling . Women especially need to be careful about keeping track of their drinks because GHB can be easily and quickly slipped in when they are not paying attention . Alcohol can reduce common sense and bring out violent and aggressive intentions

Date rape is a highly controversial issue because there is a lack of agreement on the definition . It is often difficult to determine whether or not the sexual activity was wanted by both parties . Some argue that the victims were somehow asking for it ' because of the way the acted or dressed , or their willingness to put themselves in a situation where they were alone with the other person . This type of defense , which places the blame on the victim , is often criticized and is becoming a less favorable excuse for date rape

There is also a lack of research on the . According to conservative FBI statistics , only three to ten percent of all types of rape are reported (University at Buffalo , page 1 ) One of the contributing factors for non-disclosure and disinclination to seek help is self blame by the victims (Easteal 1994 ) Victims sometimes speculate as to whether or not they could have done something to prevent the rape especially if they had chosen to drink alcohol . As for the victims who actually do come forward in an attempt to press charges , little action is being taken . Very few cases of date rape are prosecuted in court (Russo , page 1

Research indicates that date rape can be just as traumatic as being raped by...

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