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Race and Place in the International Education System

Running Head : Race Theory Race and Place in the International Education System

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Research Proposal for Studying Implications of Critical Race Theory in the International Education System


Critical Race Theory is gaining popularity among people of international education system quite rapidly . An expression which was unheard of some two decades ago is now a subject of increasing interest and work by people around the globe . CRT is an emergent ethical and moralistic discourse on race and racism in the law (Marvin Lynn 1999

. The African American thought in post civil rights time lead to the development of Critical Race Theory (The History of Critical Race Theory . Critical Race Theory involves many scholars and activists who want to change the relationship between race , racism and power . CRT started as a law movement but it has rapidly grown into something bigger and of more importance (Delgado and Stefancic , 2001 ,


Critical Race Theory has become important in the educational system of America . The inequities faced by African Americans have led scholars and people to work together for the elimination of racial discrimination in society . It has been found in studies that the number of African Americans receiving degrees at the higher level of the education system is very low . CRT in education is defined as a notion that challenges the way racism impacts the educational structure and communication . CRT in education refutes dominant ideology and White privilege while validating and centering the experiences of People of Color . CRT utilizes trans-disciplinary approaches to link theory with practice , scholarship with teaching , and the academy with the community

CRT addresses the social construct of race by examining the ideology of racism . CRT finds that racism is often well disguised in the rhetoric of shared `normative ' values and `neutral ' social scientific principles and practices (Matsuda , 1991 ) however , when the ideology of racism is examined and racist injuries are named , victims of racism can often find their voice (Yosso , 2005 . Educational institutions to combat this racial discrimination must provide students of diverse backgrounds with equal opportunity to achieve higher education in good institutions

This proposed a qualitative research ' to examine that how the Critical Race Theory can helpful for better practice of international educational systems . The study is aimed at pointing out the reasons that have been the basis for educational discrimination among the students of colors . A detailed literature review and data analysis of educational record of students of color will be done to get a clear picture of the situation . After digging out the reasons with the help of Critical Race Theory , the study will also propose some actions that could be taken in to achieve betterment in the education system of US as well as at international level , by eliminating the racial discrimination among the students . The proposed actions can be beneficial for the people relating to educational system as well as for those scholars and social researchers who are willing to eliminate the racial...

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