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The Role of the Professional Nurse


I . Historical Role of Nurses

II . The Neuman Systems Model

A . adaptation to patient care

B . team concept III . Evolution of nurse role

A . Reconciliation of NSM

B . Examples of reconciliation

IV . Interdisciplinary clinical teams

A . Unique adaptations

B . Adaptation to health profession

V . Changes of nurse role

A . Increasing role of NSM

B . Adaptation to clinical oncology nursing

The Role of the Professional Nurse

NUR 3160-1

The Role of the Professional Nurse

Traditionally the

nurse has served a role that was secondary in status to THE DOCTOR . No action was started without prior approval of the physician in charge of the case . Now medicine has changed radically over the years . The role of a nurse has changed also radically . The nurse has gone from a continually subservient position to one of an equal in a team . Also , the nurse has turned into a specialist , as has the physician only more so . In this new age , a nurse has the role not only of medical assistant , but now also a practitioner , midwife teacher , administrator or specialist . The Neuman Systems Model (Neuman 1995 ) can be utilized completely . The basic framework can be utilized as follows the central circle can be interpreted as the patient the outermost solid circle can be interpreted as the patient 's normal well state the broken line outside the normal well state ' line the broken circles surrounding the basic structure can be interpreted as the efforts of the medical team . These efforts being the treatment plan The five variables , physiological , psychological socio-cultural spiritual and developmental can be lifted en-toto from the model . These are the variables used by an oncology specialist , and appear in the certification exam for oncology specialist nurse

In contemporary medicine both therapeutic as well as nursing tasks are performed by a team rather than an individual , being it a doctor or a nurse . The trend in nursing is to collaborate with other health care disciplines as well as with clients . Use of interdisciplinary health care (IHC ) teams can facilitate the emergence of holistic client care goals from teams of diverse health care specialists (Neuman , 1995 ) This is taken from the Neuman 's Systems Model . In this light , the nursing professional can adapt to the Neuman Model well because as a member of the team , collaboration with other members of the team leading to an effective treatment plan for the patient . Different members of the team have distinct and varied training and treatment objectives-all leading to the patient recovery or as close to this as possible . NSM (Neuman Systems Model ) is based on numerous concepts and sub concepts , some of which are : stress , adaptation , homeostasis , levels of prevention , intra inter and extra personal factors , optimal wellness and basic structure This parallels the team concept of multidiscipline treatment modalities wherein different specialties contribute their expertise to the whole . In another example of using the NSM to solve a problem , an occupational therapy program and an agency that addresses...

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