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Questionnaire vs. Interview

Write a three page that distinguishes a quantitative survey (questionnaire ) from a qualitative survey (interview

There are basically two kinds of research methodologies used by the researchers in the field of academics . These are Qualitative and Quantitative methods . Each of the methods is different in its approach data collection , data analysis and framework within which it can be utilized best . There have been debates on the best research methods . But any researcher chooses his research method based on the subject availability of resources , hypothesis , research objectives and research limitations

At the

initial stages when the development of research science took place , qualitative research emerged as a primitive research tool . Later the techniques for quantitative methods and analysis based on statistical models developed

Quantitative Methods

Quantitative results were easier to comprehend and relate to the subject matter whereas qualitative results were based on researchers ability and arguments he presented to support his theory and results

A quantitative approach is one in which the investigator primarily uses post positivist claims for developing knowledge (i .e . cause and effect thinking , reduction to specific variables and hypotheses and questions , use of measurement and observation , and the test of theories (Creswell , 2003 ,


It can be based on questionnaires , surveys and other data collection tools . The involvement of researcher is less . The data collected can be analyzed by data analysis tools . The well structured and well planned approach will allow the researcher to collect all the data relevant and important for the study . This will happen when researcher has complete vision of his work and objectives . The data collection in any of the methods whether qualitative or quantitative , is a tedious process and requires lots of energy and resources . In the case of qualitative data collection researcher need to be very careful about the data collection process as it can be observational as well . In the case of quantitative data collection if the research is based on structured questionnaire with closed ended questions least involvement of researcher would be required . The researcher can collect data as long as he is in the field or the area of his research . Once he has left the d it will be very difficult for him to recollect the same data

Qualitative Methods

There have been various debates over which technique is best . But later on the importance of qualitative researches grew as it provided a tool of analysis for the complicated and complex subjects like psychology communication , sociology , medical sciences where the theme of research was analyzing behavior , emotional component or the factors unknown

Qualitative researchers study things in their natural settings attempting to make sense of or interpret phenomenon in terms of the meanings people bring to them (Denzin Lincoln , 2000 ,


Qualitative research will be very effective when the detailed and complete is required where as quantitative analysis will be useful when features of research which can be quantified are available and can construct some form of statistical model to explain these...

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