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Quentin Tarantinos use of music in his specific films of Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and Kill Bill and the general use in his other films.

The Use of Music in Quentin Tarantino 's Certain Films

The Use of Music in Quentin Tarantino 's Certain Films

I . Introduction

During the mid 1950s , the pop music was rampant in cinema . It was also the time where audiences experienced on how read and go along with a film . One of interesting feature of pop music lying in a certain film is that music is not necessarily composed for a film . Besides , it may not be written for a particular film but rather chosen by a director to go together with

the film . It is true that employment of pop music in a film have certain purposes . A piece of music in a film is a big opportunity for its exposure and commercialization . Besides , from this particular means of introducing film to the public , there are still many ways on how could effectively and efficiently recognized it by the public to earn more money . For example , some film producers pick a best selling soundtrack and they associate it with the film . In reality , this is true . However , pop songs were actually integrally bounded up to the flow and narratives of the film

When talking to music , each individual has its own preferences for There are certain features a music presents that suits to the tastes of an individual . In effect , traditional composed music is barely audible in some films

One of a very remarkable and interesting person regarding the use of piece music in a film is Quentin Tarantino . One of these characteristics is the use of plain pop music throughout his film . Second and more interesting is that part of Tarantino 's work was characterized by the way in where pop music was actually discussed by its characters . It is one of the major features of Tarantino 's cultural element in his films

Since pre-exist music are often made and usually score high than others is pop music would than be always to be pre-existed along its effects How a certain pop music is is chosen for a certain film ? These questions are very interesting and we 'll analyze them and give answers through our evaluation of how Quentin Tarantino uses pop music throughout his films This will tackle about Tarantino 's use of music in his specific films of Reservoir Dogs , Pulp Fiction , and Kill Bill and the general use in his other films

II . Discussion

One of the Tarantino 's films is Reservoir Dogs (Tarantino , 1994 ) where black screen recognizes the beginning of the film . Suddenly a man , after his revelation of being Mr . Brown (Quentin Tarantino , is revealed to us and suddenly found themselves in a group dinner of men . In this scenario , men were having a debate about the songs of Madonna . Here , we could be impressed by the discussion of pop music , main feature of Tarantino 's film . The purpose of this debate is to define their relationship before . In their discussion of the true meaning of `Like a Virgin , it...

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